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Healing Emotional and Physical Trauma with Yoga


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Trauma is defined as an emotional upset in our bodies and plays a part in our life adventure. Our experiences throughout this adventure are connected to our bodies both emotionally and physically causing imbalances. These imbalances are individual to us and our bodies react differently due to our unique anatomy. We all hold stress and tension differently in our unique bodies making a personal, self-empowering method of healing significant. Yoga, a holistic approach that focuses on the mind and body as a way to release stress and tension, has shown great promise as a treatment for these imbalances that truly works for each of us.

Join Fred Hoffmann as he discuss' what trauma is, reviews current research articles regarding the effects of Yoga on our autonomic nervous system and leads a class designed specifically for the release of stress and tension by using a modified version of Dr. David Berceli's trauma release protocol.

cost $15.

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