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Self Exploration and Conscious Relating (Level 1, Part 1 of 2) with Alexander Tuttle


Yoga Mindset High Point
205 Neal Pl, Ste 105 27262 High Point United States
Self Exploration Study Group ~ "A Journey Of Self Discovery and "Conscious Relating" Level 1

Alexander Tuttle will be leading this 2-day workshop consisting of 3.5 hrs each day.

Saturday, June 4th and 11th
3:30 to 6:30pm
Yoga Mindset, 205 Neal Place, Suite 105 High Point
$35 per day

The link to the Facebook event for Part 2 is here:

We will be studying and developing ways to - break habits, understand others, increase intimacy in all your relationships (starting with yourself), raise and teach your children more consciously, raise your own personal vibration, work to understand your life purpose, manage your emotions, relate to your surroundings, communicate with loved ones as well as associates more clearly, grow inwardly, release self doubt as well as be more useful, productive and creative.

By understanding and accepting who we are (conditioning), who we were meant to be (birth chart analysis) and working toward who we want to be (intention and direction), we can accomplish wonderful things understanding this life journey with ourselves internally and externally. We will be utilizing birth analysis information (Human Design and Destiny Card Numerology Systems) as well as self-improvement techniques and disciplines that move us in the direction of more conscious, compassionate and loving outcomes and relationships.

How we accept and communicate with ourselves and others may be our golden ticket to WELLBEING. These are the topics we will be covering in this group gathering while creating a wonderful support system with the attendees as we teach, share and grow together.

This will be a very interactive, playful, casual and useful way to spend time with others in a very supportive and compassionate environment. Remember, Gradual changes over long periods of time equals lasting results.

Life's a garden, dig it... Let's plant those seeds, pull those weeds, feed and water our gardens together and Grow a Beautiful Bounty for all to share...

Please contact Alexander or Yoga Mindset to register and provide your birth information via text, e mail or face book message. 336-830-4072 - hu.re.alexander@gmail.com or info@yogamindset.com

Alexander Tuttle is a sound healer, life/strategy coach, astrological/birth analysis consultant, work shop facilitator/teacher, energy worker, ordained minister and perpetual student of this ever evolving, Beautiful Life Experience. It's all vibration, right, and it's all connected! He holds certification in Sound Healing and Psycoacoustics from The Globe Institute in San Francisco, CA, as well as certifications in multiple other subtle energy techniques and methods. He has studied with various teachers with interests ranging from ancient shamanistic sound healing/energy techniques to modern day scientific approaches to sound/energy modalties such as the inspiration of the VibroTune Sound Tables and ways of improving one's Self.

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